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Putting your words at the centre of the Digital Age.

If an App can cost four times as much as a printed book to make, and yet the retail price is often less than half (never mind about how they are then marketed) then who can afford to make Apps out of their books?

Partnering with a new type of supplier,
we have discovered cost- effective yet creative ways of getting your book to both the App Store, for your iPads and iPhones, and to Google Play for your Nooks and Fires.

The world of digital publishing is changing.

Sometimes it feels like it never stops changing.

We notice these changes, evaluate them
and then act upon them.

There is no need to rush headlong into the next big thing, but there are dangers in standing still.

By being informed, and assertive, we believe our knowledge inspires trust in our decision-making.

Near Field Communication lets you share information, video, and audio just by touching your smart phone to an object.

And now we can put an nfc chip in a page – meaning your book can come to life in a different way for each and every different reader.

Read a book, watch a book,
hear a book, play a book!

And because the chip itself can be programmed, the ability to customise the experience to any imaginable use, is unparalleled.

Many will tell you what to do, and many will tell you how they can make it. But who is going to help you to sell it?

Are you being fed an acronym jungle of

Do you know what’s better –
viral marketing or Wombagging?

Building on real ideas based upon real experiences, we can help build a plan that is tailored to the very people that you are really trying to sell to – your customers.

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Look at things through our eyes. Let your smart phone or tablet look, recognise and react –
in exactly the same way that the
human eye and mind does.

We can bring printed books to life -
or we can take the book’s content right to the subject matter itself.

Just imagine a painting come to life, or a monument tell its own story.

Watch a recipe cooked in front of your eyes or see a child learn to recognise the world.

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